Close Protection

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Close Protection

As an industry professional or a Private Family, you have many assets to protect.


Important People, Significant Property and Valuable Products. When you and your business assets are safe and secure, you can be assured all your focus will be on the important things like living a normal life or as business hitting your growth targets and increasing your network.


A good safety and security record will also enhance your already outstanding reputation as a person or in your industry.

At Southern protection & Investigation, we believe that investing in safety is investing in your future. A safe and secure environment is a profitable and enjoyable environment.

Security Services for People, Properties & Assets

-  Close Protection | High profile individuals, Children, and Celebrities.

-  Residential Security | Homes, Offices, Venues, and Yachts.

-  Asset Protection | Vehicles, Jewellery, Clothing, and anything else you consider

   highly valuable.

-  Anti-Surveillance | Covert Operatives, Disrupt or Remove Surveillance being

   conducted on you or your family.

-  Hostile | Serving & Former Military personal with the capabilities to operate over

   sea’s in hostile environments.

To discuss you protection requirements, don't hesitate to arrange a meeting with a member of our professional team today via our Contact Form.