GPS Vehicle Tracking

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GPS Vehicle Tracking

From unfaithful partners to suspicious employees or even missing assets Southern Protection & Investigation can arrange a cost effective solution to establish the pattern of the subjects movements or the whereabouts of Assets.

This service can be conducted on its own or part of a surveillance package which can be discussed with our team. We recommend all tracking to be conducted in two parts so that on completion a pattern can be established by comparing the two and plan of action can be made and if further surveillance will be required.

Included in the service:-

-  Deployment & Retrieval of the device

-  Current Location reporting every 60 minutes to 30 Seconds

-  Direction of travel with Speedometer

-  Text alerts to your mobile phone

-  Full history report

Southern Protection & Investigation offers surveillance packages tailored to our clients needs so all eventualities are covered and to keep cost’s as low as necessary. To book any of our services today or to discuss more options, get in touch by completing our Contact Form.

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